Welcome To HenryJames Dubai

HenryJames Dubai are independant real estate agents focusing on finding the best available property within the clients budget. We have offices in both Dubai and the U.K. and with over 25 years in international estate agency our experience and knowledge is your key to a successful purchase.

Our extensive portfolio changes daily and covers both residential and commercial property. We can find your ideal home or investment, if we don’t have what you are looking for we will find it. We can arrange finance and have specialist solicitors available if required.

luxury real estate in dubai

One of the safest City in the World.

Geographically located in the Centre of the World.

Only country in the world to have a ministry of Tolerance.

Dubai ranks 16th in terms of ease of doing business out of 190 countries.

The Dubai Airport ranks as the Busiest International Airport in the world, with over 90min passengers being handled annually.

You are charged 0% on Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Corporate Tax.